Свершите экскурсию по Осака с русским гидом. Здесь действительно есть, на что посмотреть! Осака – огромный мегаполис, в агломерации которого живет почти двадцать миллионов человек. Это также крупнейший экономический центр Западной Японии. Удивительно, но именно здесь, в древние времена, еще до того как Нара и Киото стали столицами, некоторое время находилась столица Японии. Небольшой городок назывался Нанива, а столица переезжала на новое место с каждым новым правителем.
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Osaka city guided tour

Osaka city guided tour
8 hours
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First of all, you’ll meet your guide at the hotel.

Osaka, being the center of the Kansai region, has a really different personality compared to Japan's capital, Tokyo. It is Japan's second largest metropolitan area after Tokyo, a megapolis with exciting nightlife, delicious food and straight-talking, friendly local residents. Along with plenty of shopping and modern attractions, Osaka also has a historical side, the highlight of which is famous Osaka castle. The castle is a great place to discover more about Japanese history and to wander the beautiful grounds, especially during our tour timing – cherry blossom season when the sakura blooms and the weather is at its best: not so hot and humid as during summer. We will start exploring Osaka by visiting the castle first.

Osaka castle and the pleasant park grounds surrounding it make for a truly relaxing escape from the city's concrete sprawl. Ascend to the top of castle keep tower to look over the expansive castle grounds and neighboring skyscrapers.

We will then re-locate to see another Osaka’s landmark, Umeda Sky Building, making a fascinating journey from Japan’s past right into its future. This stunning skyscraper holds lots of attractions, including observation deck to check out the city down below and observatory – to reach for the stars up in the sky!

Shitenno-ji is one of Japan's oldest temples and the first ever to be built by the state. It was founded in 593 CE by Prince Shotoku, who was a very active supporter of the introduction of Buddhism into Japan. Although the temple's buildings burned down several times throughout the centuries, they were always carefully reconstructed to reflect the ancient design. In the pebble covered courtyard of the inner precinct stand a five-storied pagoda that can be entered and ascended and the Main hall (Kondo) in which Prince Shotoku is enshrined as a statue of Kannon.

It has been said that folks in Osaka spend more on food than on anything else, and the term kuidaore (‘eat until you drop’) is used to describe the unique local food culture. Not surprisingly, Osaka is famous for various local dishes, some of which have attained nationwide and even international fame such as okonomiyaki, takoyaki, kitsune udon and teppanyaki.

No doubt, the best place to experience Osaka's fantastic food culture is the neon-laden Dotonbori district, packed with all types of eateries along its main thoroughfare and many side streets. Bon appetite and enjoy your meal!

When your city tour is finished you will get back to your hotel.

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