Excursion to Hakone
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Excursion to Hakone

Excursion to Hakone
10 hours
Departure from:
Tokyo Yokohama
List of participants:
up to 5 people
Additional services:
included in the price
not included
Accompaniment by a Russian-speaking guide
Entrance fees according to the program.
Personal expenses
Travel to Hakone and back by train.
9:00 Meeting with the guide at the reception of your hotel. Excursion to Hakone National Park. The picturesque Ashinoko Sky Line mountain road with stunning views of the surrounding landscapes, a photo stop at the viewing platform. An ancient border outpost, where the atmosphere of 200 years ago was recreated, a watch tower, a border outpost museum with samples of weapons, border guard uniforms, handwritten maps of the area, instruments of torture. A park belonging to the imperial dynasty with a museum of imperial objects, an observation deck with the best views of Fuji. Cruise along the mountain lake Asi on a pirate ship, photo session with the crew dressed in pirate clothes. Hakone Temple is surrounded by giant cryptomerias. The temple, built in 757, is magnificent at any time of the year. The mountain road will lead you to the foot of the sacred mountain Kami Yama, where, according to ancient legend, a Japanese girl was healed of a terrible disease by eating an egg boiled in geyser water. Tasting eggs boiled in geyser water. According to legend, each egg eaten extends life by 7 years. Sanctuary of the spirit of the mountain. Seething geysers of the ancient Owakudani volcano. Lunch (pay on the spot). A funicular ride over the gorge, where, as I tell Japanese legends, you could meet devils. You can rest and relax in the Yunessan thermal complex (payment on site). Here, against the backdrop of natural landscapes, there are 25 types of medicinal baths. Such as baths with green tea, sake, coffee, red wine, charcoal with dead sea water, etc. A cypress bath overlooking a Japanese garden relieves the mind and body. Open baths located in the Japanese garden guarantee wonderful relaxation and unity with nature. Traditional Japanese baths Tapy Buro. Unique baths made from huge wooden barrels, in which you will enjoy a real Japanese Onsen. Combined with the relaxing pleasure of a spa, there are water attractions set against a backdrop of wild nature: huge waterfalls and slides, a hot cave with geyser water. Transfer to the hotel after the excursion.

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