About Japan

About Japan

There are countries whose visit is so interesting, educational and useful for understanding the world around us that it is simply impossible not to visit them! Japan fully applies to such countries.

This country only seems distant and expensive: it is quite achievable. There is a lot here that is both surprising and attractive to foreigners, who are called “gaijin” in Japan. Be it a combination of picturesque mountains and stormy seas, or the poetic change of four seasons, or stunningly exotic, tasty and at the same time very healthy national cuisine... The Japanese amazingly combine in their culture ancient myths with belief in gods and demons, on the one hand, and modern features of the advanced “society of tomorrow”, on the other.

Come to Japan! You will remember such a trip for the rest of your life and you will definitely want to visit the Land of the Rising Sun again.

Where else can you find ancient temples in the shadow of ultra-modern skyscrapers? Where else are the latest technologies combined with ancient customs and superstitions? Where else can you see people who can go out in both traditional kimonos and designer clothes? Where else... you can ask many similar questions, but the answer will be one: only in Japan. East and West, past and future merge here, forming a unique, original civilization that has blossomed as a delightful flower on the islands between Asia and the Pacific Ocean.

Japan is a country both large and small at the same time. Just a couple of hours from Tokyo, the world's largest metropolis, lie the seaside resorts of Izu or the hot thermal springs in the Hakone mountains. In the north, on the island of Hokkaido, the weather is no different from central Russia, with its snowy and frosty winters. And in the far south, on the islands of Okinawa, eternal summer reigns all year round with white sand beaches and always warm azure sea.

Japan is also a very comfortable country. The super express Shinkansen, which translates as “bullet train,” covers a distance of five hundred kilometers from Tokyo to Kyoto in just two and a half hours. At the same time, the contrast between the futuristic skyscrapers of the “Eastern capital” and the elegant temples of the “Western capital” is so great that such a trip becomes like traveling in a time machine!

We can talk a lot about the legendary Japanese service, about Shinto shrines and Buddhist temples of amazing beauty, about the pleasure you get when plunging into a rotemburo - an open-air bath made of stones and filled with scalding water from a thermal spring, about the impeccable silhouette of the majestic Fuji, but... it's better to see it once.

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