Excursion to the military capital of Kamakura
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Excursion to the military capital of Kamakura

Excursion to the military capital of Kamakura
8 hours
Departure from:
Tokyo Yokohama
List of participants:
up to 5 people
Additional services:
included in the price
not included
Russian speaking guide.
Personal expenses.
Entry tickets.
9:00 Meeting with the guide at the reception of your hotel. Excursion to Kamakura - the ancient military capital of Japan, the city is located on the Pacific coast and is surrounded on all sides by picturesque mountains - this made it an impregnable fortress for enemies. Shinto shrine Tsurugaoka Hachimangu, dedicated to the god of war. The Kotoku family temple also included the Great Bronze Buddha (Daibutsu), 13.5 m high. Created in 1252, the shrine survived severe fires, powerful earthquakes and tsunamis. The three-level Hasedera Temple. Here, on top of a sacred hill, is the famous gilded sculpture of the eleven-faced goddess Kannon. The tallest wooden sculpture in Japan is 9.5 meters high, it was carved from a single trunk of a camphor tree by order of a Buddhist manah. Lunch (pay on the spot). Moving to Fujisawa, here on the island of the samurai, on the top of the hill there is a sanctuary of the dragon of the seas, revered as the deity of loyalty and devotion. The Cape of Love, where all lovers strive to get to in order to strengthen their feelings for each other. Iwaya Cave was carved out by water and served as a natural shelter during the wars of the samurai clans. Transfer to the hotel after the excursion. om Minamoto family. The road to the shrine runs between two ponds: "Genji" - which means life and "Heike" - which means death. Maiden stage, where the wedding of the first shogun of Japan, Minamoto Yoritomo, took place. Cutting the entire city as if in half, stretches the wide sakura alley of Wakamiya Oji, leading from the sanctuary to the ocean.X

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