Evening tour of Tokyo "City Lights"
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Evening tour of Tokyo "City Lights"

Evening tour of Tokyo "City Lights"
4 hours
Departure from:
Tokyo Yokohama
List of participants:
up to 5 people
Additional services:
included in the price
not included
Russian speaking guide.
Personal expenses.
Entry tickets.
16:00 Meeting with the guide at the hotel reception. Evening tour of Tokyo. The youth district of Shibuya, this is where the famous film “Tokyo Drift”, Hachiko, Jumper and others were filmed. Walk through the busy streets of the area. All the main entertainment establishments, mainly aimed at the Japanese, are concentrated in this area (some places are still closed to foreigners). Omotesando Boulevard in the vibrant Harajuku district, a stunning Prada boutique building. Roppongi is the main nightlife destination for foreigners. Tokyo Tower is the most romantic place in Tokyo and is still a meeting place not only for young people, but also for Japanese adults, climb to the observation deck, and get a bird's eye view of the city at night. Ginza is a chic area of Tokyo, even more stunning in the evening hours, walking along the bright streets of Ginza. The island of Odaiba, standing in the middle of the ocean as a natural obstacle at the entrance to the bay, an observation deck overlooking a mini-copy of the Statue of Liberty and a stunning view of Tokyo from the bay, is where all the glossy publications take their photos of Tokyo at night. Dinner (payment on the spot) in one of the restaurants of the Aquacity complex overlooking evening Tokyo. Approximately 21:00 Transfer to the hotel after dinner.

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